Kimberly SimpsonKimberly Simpson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 12 years experience in the medical and mental health fields. She received her undergraduate degree in Sociology at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. She earned a Masters in Social Work from East Carolina University and was awarded her clinical license by the North Carolina State Board in 2009.

Ms. Simpson’s career started in dialysis treatment centers where she provided supportive counseling to individuals facing life-limiting and life-threatening illness. Concepts such as mortality, loss, aging and grief were bravely faced by the individuals she worked with. She went on to practice in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, helping to strengthen and empower families dealing with preterm delivery and special medical needs. It was there she provided grief support and co-facilitated a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Parent Support group. In addition, she created and co-facilitated a Postpartum Depression program. Most recently, Ms. Simpson was employed by a faith based organization to provide in-home therapy and parent training to families in crisis. It was there she supported individuals through struggles with domestic violence, substance abuse and trauma. She is an accredited provider of the Triple P- Positive Parenting Program, created to prevent behavioral and emotional problems in children and teenagers. Ms. Simpson is passionate about therapy and its power to heal. She believes that when hope is met with bravery, the power of positive change is limitless.