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sylvia lyewHi, My name is Sylvia Lyew and I’ve been working with “Highly Sensitive People” and “Empaths” along with a variety of additional client presentations for more than 10 years. 

As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor I’ve successfully worked with clients who wonder why they have problems coping with everyday life and difHiculty healing from trauma, despite receiving various methods of treatment and years of therapy. These are individuals who often tend to lack signiHicant progress in many therapeutic settings.

  • Do you frequently feel emotionally and physically overstimulated?
  • Do you Hind yourself thinking “Most people lack empathy? ”
  • Are you often told that you are too sensitive, take things too personally, or are too thin- skinned?

What clients aren’t often aware of, are the ways that the personality types of those in their signiHicant relationships are affecting their abilities to cope and to heal. Having this knowledge can help clarify and strengthen relationships, reduce conHlict, and increase personal satisfaction.

Although people may have knowledge that different types of personalities and innate traits exist, they may lack the tools to make a connection between the variety of personality types within their relationships and how those traits impact their everyday lives.

Those referred to as “Highly Sensitive People” and “Empaths” tend to:

  • Have strong reactions to criticism,
  • Are often physically overstimulated more easily than others,
  • Are often emotionally overstimulated more easily than others,
  • Have a rich inner life,
  • May score highly in sensory processing sensitivity,
  • May also feel as if they have a higher capacity for empathy
  • Are quite sensitive to others' moods.

“Highly Sensitive People” and “Empaths” frequently struggle to feel like they belong in society. Some even question their self-worth. This questioning may lead to higher levels of anxiety and depression.

As a Highly Sensitive Person, Empath, and Intuition plus Feeling (NF) personality type myself, I know the challenges intimately. I have Hirst-hand knowledge of how it affects our personal lives and working relationships.

Many Empaths and Highly Sensitive People have experienced:

  • physical abuse,
  • sexual abuse,
  • narcissistic abuse,
  • and other damaging traumas.

It’s no surprise that these traumatic experiences can create difHiculties in functioning for all those who experience them, however the pain may be more intense for those who are highly sensitive and/or empathic.

If you seek to heal from these types of traumas and abuses AND gain a greater understanding of yourself, your relationships with others, and tools for greater control of your life, contact us today!

The Hirst step is to schedule a virtual session to begin your journey!

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